Sunday, 22 April 2012

Module One. Chapter Eleven

Resolved Sample
First thoughts – paper experiments
I used brown packing paper to try out various methods to make paper disintegrate. I included threadless machine stitching, needle felting, a hole punch, tearing, snipping, burning, stabbing, pleating, crimping and machine stitching with areas rubbed away.
Paper disintegration sheet 1
This was a useful exercise for trying out methods that might be effective when translated into fabric.
Second thoughts – paper shapes
The image below shows the results of taking a square of paper and tearing it in increasing amounts to disintegrate the shape.
Torn Paper Squares
This exercise is a revelation – I have worked the exercises in this chapter in a random order, I have also worked on ideas for my resolved sample and I find myself going around in circles not quite satisfied with any one of them. Looking at these samples I really like the patterns created by the ‘fracture’ lines – the original cross shape is still apparent despite the increased disintegration in each version.
Third thoughts – different ways of disintegrating a square of fabric 
Page of fabric disintegration 1Page of fabric disintegration 2
The images above show my samples of fabric squares disintegrated using fraying and a page of samples using other methods such as stitching with thread the same colour as the background fabric, bonded thread snippets, a needle felting tool and stitching combined with fraying.
I still have some samples to work but below are some of my preliminary ideas for designs to show growth and disintegration.
Sketched Design 1Sketched Design 2Sketched Design 4

Following on from the torn paper exercise I decided to revisit the designs for my resolved piece. I particularly like the patterns created by the 'fractures' in the paper exercise and I think this effect could be suggested by using chenille effect. Below is my design idea using this technique.

The dotted lines for the part shapes around the edge of the piece represent stitching - I think cutting a layer back to reveal a printed layer as with the central shape would tie the piece together quite well.

Reviewing the sketch I think some hand stitching would further add to the piece so I tried this out using Photoshop.

 I think this does look better - there is an increased feeling of disintegration/growth as the eye travels around the piece. I am undecided about adding hand stitching around the central shape, I think this may emphasise the solidity of the shape but I think I will make up the sample and decide when I see how it looks.


  1. Hi Julie, I'm just beginning my resolved sample.
    My theme is stars..... I know what you mean about going around in circles with ideas. It takes me ages to settle on combinations of design, fabric and colours. Look forward to seeing where you go next1

  2. Just started to look at ways of disintegrating fabric for an experimental book and found your blog. Lovely work and very interesting.

  3. Julie,
    We met at the Emb Guild Indian Stitching & Kantha course. Loving your blog, its great to see how your ideas develop, really making me think about doing a similar course, just not that good at self motivating, I'm such a faffer.

    Keep up the great work