Saturday, 28 January 2012

Module One. Chapter Six.

I have spent some time setting up a corner of our dining room to use for my materials and equipment. This has made such a difference, having nearly everything to hand allows me to work even for a short time and I can set up small tasks ready to be completed as time allows. Also in consideration of health & safety it is important to have cutting blades, paints and other tools stored safely so I have a tool kit that keeps them all in one place and can be put away securely.

As I was printing fabrics I also printed some papers; in the exercises for chapter 2 I used a polystyrene block to cut a stamp but this was quite big so I used an eraser as suggested to make these samples. This size of printing block is much more useful for creating repeat patterns in a smaller area.

I used the same printing blocks to produce this selection of printed fabrics. I have used cotton, satin, silk, chiffon and crystal organza.
Painted Bondaweb. I used Colourcraft Brusho colours for my first samples but the colour on the Bondaweb was very faint, I think this was due to the watery nature of these paints. The gouache paints being thicker in consistency have left more colour on the Bondaweb.

I used the Brusho colours to paint some silk rods that I split into thin layers. I think these may be useful in later exercises.

The sample on the left is made from 2 layers of net with snippets of thread sandwiched between them. On the right a similar 'sandwich' made with chiffon fabric.

Painted chiffon sandwich on the left and painted satin with sheer chiffon over the top on the right.

It was possible to use Bondaweb on only one layer if threads and fabric snippets were sprinkled quite sparsely, however it was necessary to apply Bondaweb to both surfaces if the surface was covered more densely or thicker threads were used.

When layering shapes cut from different fabrics I found that, as well as giving consideration to the colour contrast as with layers of paper, I also had to consider any surface texture, transparency or sheen. Colour contrast alone between layers did not always lead to the best end result; I put together the cut shape layers first before trying out different background fabrics in order to choose the one that I thought gave the best result.
These are the layered samples I produced.

Painted cotton shape with sparkly shape threaded over and under, the sparkly shape was reduced in scale compared to the cotton shape, cotton background.
Painted satin layer with printed silk layer on cotton background.

Painted tissue bottom layer, top layer is sandwich made with Bondaweb applied to satin fabric, sprinkled with thread snippets and chiffon fabric on top. Layers applied to cotton background. 

 Devoré fabric used for lower cut shape, shot silk for top cut shape, additional cross shape applied to centre made with pieces remaining from cutting out other shapes. These have been applied to a painted cotton background. The fabric surfaces produce some interesting effects as the light catches them.
Lower shape cut from cotton fabric, top layer cut from sheer bonded fabric, satin background. I like the subtle shadows created by using a sheer layer and the way that all the layers are visible.
Bottom layer cut from painted satin, top layer cut from crystal organza, additional shapes cut from sandwich made with crystal organza, on a taffeta background. The top organza cut shape is like a subtle shadow cast on the lower layers. I am surprised that this combination of fabrics works so well as they all have a sheen or sparkle but this is a lovely sample, the scanner does not really do it justice.
Lower shape cut from silk fibre hanky with top layer cut from bonded crystal organza fabric on cotton background. A nice contrast of textures.
Shot silk background with shape cut from coloured Bondaweb, small cross shape cut from foil with torn strips of organza applied.
Shape cut from painted Bondaweb, sprinkled with thread snippets and sandwiched between layers of crystal organza.

Painted Bondaweb shape adhered to painted muslin, threads applied and painted chiffon applied over the top.

Cotton background with strips of painted Bondaweb, threads trapped by Bondaweb strip. This sample has been left without a layer of sheer fabric, this could be developed further.

Painted cotton background, the same cut shape in satin on the bottom and printed crystal organza on top. The top shape has been rotated and pieces cur from the organza shape have been applied at corners of the bottom shape. The shadows created by the layering with sheer fabric give the impression of a third layer.

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