Sunday, 2 September 2012

Module Two. Chapter Four.


Drawing Patterns from Animal Markings.

I should declare that drawing scares me! This chapter has given me much more confidence as I have spent quite a lot of time on these little sketches!

My difficulty is thinking I have to produce perfect representations, as I began to focus on the line patterns rather than the image as a whole I became more relaxed and a lot looser.

I can’t say that I am completely happy with the samples I have produced; the drawing was a good starting point though as when I produced my dyed fabric samples I could see how some of them related back to my drawings. In other samples I saw markings that led me back to find images and produce drawing samples so it has been quite a cyclical process.

patterned papers0022 

patterned papers0025

patterned papers0026patterned papers0027

patterned papers0028

patterned papers0024

patterned papers0029

patterned papers0023

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  1. These are spectacular samples Jules. Great work. Hugs Elizabeth xxx