Sunday, 2 September 2012

Module two. Chapter Five.


Patterned Papers

Monoprinting is a technique I haven’t tried before, I was very pleased with the results. I liked the fact that the results were not totally predictable, making a second print when less of the ink was on the glass has also given a pleasing range of tones in my patterned papers.

These first samples were created with ink using various ‘tools’ to make the marks.

patterned papers0002Sponged ink using scrunched paper.

patterned papers0003   Cardboard tube dipped in ink.

patterned papers0004Edge of plastic card and tip of spatula.

patterned papers0001Edge of plastic card twisted in circular movement.

patterned papers0005 Sponge applicators of different sizes.

patterned papers0007Polystyrene packaging cut into block, stamped.

patterned papers0021Marbling comb

These next samples are monoprints using printing ink.

patterned papers0006Net ‘sponge’ torn into strips and laid on glass.

patterned papers0008 This sample taken straight from the glass to remove excess ink before cleaning – I think it is reminiscent of the creases found in the hide of animals such as elephants – a happy accident!

patterned papers0009Another attempt with the net ‘sponge’ this time stretched over the entire glass.

patterned papers0010There is a pattern taken from a sketch of alligator skin scratched into the ink with the end of a paint brush. I think my ink was too thick as the pattern is barely visible but I do like the black markings created when I rubbed the back of the paper.

patterned papers0011 A piece of thick card with small serrations cut into the edge.

patterned papers0012Strip of thick card, corner and edge used to create pattern.

patterned papers0013 End of cardboard tube with grid created with corner of plastic card.

patterned papers0014Second print.

patterned papers0016Pattern scratched into ink with tip of spatula.

patterned papers0015Second print this time slightly better.

patterned papers0017Marbling comb used to scratch design in Gouache instead of printing ink.

patterned papers0019Glue spreader – Gouache paint.

patterned papers0018Second print.

These next samples are made using bleach on paper painted with black dye.

Bleach Paper samples0004End of cardboard tube and edge of plastic card.

Bleach Paper samples0007Reverse of above sample – I noticed the back when scanning these pages, some of the papers are more interesting on the back!

Bleach Paper samples0003Drawn with a glue spreader.

Bleach Paper samples0002Drawn with edge of plastic card.

Bleach Paper samples0001Printed with head of a spatula.

Bleach Paper samples0005Cotton bud.

Bleach Paper samples0008Plastic card twisted in circular movement.

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