Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Module One. Chapter Two.

Spent a lovely sunny day making decorated papers and hanging them on the line to dry much to the amusement of the neighbours!
As well as sponging the colour onto the paper I did some with a light 'scrubbing' action and others by using acrylic paint with 'cling film' pressed on the surface and peeled off when dry.
I chose the red/violet/purple and yellow/lime/green areas of the colour wheel, I particularly like the contrast of the lime and violet colours.

1. Painted cartridge paper.
2. A selection of painted tissue paper using recycled tissue paper packaging, some with a surface decoration.

3. I didn't have any erasers to hand so I used some polystyrene packaging to make a stamp - this is quite large so I have used A2 sheets of paper.

4. I like the cross shape created by this 1/4 rotation of the stamp each time.

5. The distressed effect created by stamping until the paint runs out adds texture to the design - this is one where a smaller stamp would give a much clearer impression of this effect

6. I particularly like the diagonal repeat pattern at the bottom of this image.

I will produce some more stamped papers using a smaller stamp. I think it is possible to get an idea of how each repeating pattern looks but this would be much clearer with a smaller pattern in some instances.

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